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Stuart Simonsen

Investing in Self-STorage

About Stuart Simonsen

Based in Billings, Montana, Stuart Simonsen is what many people call a “serial entrepreneur”. Basically, he loves finding opportunities that align with his passions and going after them. Over his 20 year career, Stuart has successfully worked with a number of different businesses in a variety of fields.

After Concordia College, Stuart entered the banking industry in his 20s. “I have a certain knack for pattern prediction,” he says. “Way before electronic markets and computer algorithms began to take hold, a broker I was working with recognized I had a pretty good winning record with my portfolios.” A credit to his mathematical ways, Stuart followed the nudge of the broker and began pursuing investing.

Since then, Stuart Simonsen has worked as a Portfolio Manager for Brevan Howard and TradeLink, Joint Venture Director and Senior Investment Director for Grizzly Peak Limited Partnership, and as Partner and Director of Joint Ventures for Saddlebrook Investments. “The thing I love most about my work is the strategic innovation I get to implement on a daily basis. Finding new investment strategies and new ways to instill life into a portfolio or business that was previously stagnant is exciting and rewarding.”



“Innovations are happening every day, and the self-storage industry is no different. If you’re looking for strategic investment opportunities yielding big results, you really need to get in the know about this hidden gem.” – Stuart




In his spare time, Stuart Simonsen is a classic car collector and aficionado. Growing up with older brothers, Stuart remembers going out and pretending to help them fix up their cars. “My brother actually helped me restore my first car back when I was in high school.”

That first car was a 64 ½ Mustang, and Stuart actually had to sell it to afford to go to college at the time. But some years later, Stuart actually purchased another 64 Mustang, and he’s not letting that thing get away from him this time. He’s also still hanging onto a 67’ Shelby he bought when he was 21.

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