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The amount of possessions people have in their homes is increasing year-over-year. The average home is growing in size, but this isn’t enough for some people. Naturally, when homeowners run out of space to store items, they look into renovations or additions to increase the amount of space. People often forget self-storage can solve their space issues. Not to mention, it’s far cheaper than adding additional space or a renovation. Besides addressing space issues, self-storage provides other benefits. Listed below are three reasons to purchase a self-storage unit.

A Safe Place for Equipment or Vehicles

If you live in an apartment, chances are you don’t have access to or own a garage. Having access to or holding a garage is essential, especially when you own a car you want to safeguard. Weather and thieves prey on high-end or modified vehicles. Owning a home also presents an issue if you have a car collection. As a car collector, your goal is to preserve your cars in pristine condition. Self-storage helps mitigate the risk of damage to your car or other motor vehicles. The same for any equipment you own that is seasonal, including lawnmowers and snowblowers. 

A small warehouse for your business: 

If you currently own or have a business, consider self-storage as an option to store your business inventory. It’s common for a house or an apartment to become cluttered with stock that is awaiting shipment or buyers. Self-storage solves that problem by safeguarding not only your inventory but also business documents, samples, and other physical business items. Not to mention, most self-storage units have climate-controlled units. These units are great for products that require temperature regulation. 


If you’re purchasing a home, the process of closing the deal is prolonged. At the same time, your lease or sale of your current home is potentially between moving out of your existing home and moving into a new one. Self-storage units give you the freedom to store your belongings without the fear of where to accommodate everything you own.